Jan 9 Bulletin

Call to Worship: [Jesus said] “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”                          John 10:10


Offering this week: General Fund

This Week:

Tuesday, Jan 11
Sewing Circle                                   9:00
Youth Broomball                  7:30-9:30

Friday, Jan 14
Library Committee meeting         7:00

MCS Classes in remote learning this week.

Please remember to fill in your  nomination sheets. Due TODAY!

Thrift Shop:

  •   11th: Sylvia & Bea
  •   12th: Norma & Magaret F
  •   13th: Arlene & Carol P
  •   14th: Emily & Lorna
  •   15th: Christy & Natasha

Pray For This Week:

  • Our Mission Board
  • Galen Reimer as he serves and studies at the Father’s House in Oroville, California.
  • The Connexion Church in Arborg, a sister church in the EMC.

MEMC Update:

New restrictions have come up recently that have made us change the format of how we do church.  The sanctuary and dining room have been divided into cohorts of 25.  This will continue until restrictions ease up again.  We encourage all of MEMC to continue to attend services.  We are prepared to make room for everyone.  After all when we think of how the early Christians met secretly in catacombs and were hunted down, we are so fortunate that we are FREE to meet and worship in our buildings! 
Along with the restrictions of numbers, masks are required in all public buildings so in compliance to our government we ask that we respect this mandate in church as well.  Thank you!  We will get through this together!
-MEMC Covid Response Team

Next Sunday:

Sunday School                         9:45

   Adult SS: Arley Loewen

Church                                      10:45

Message: Arley Loewen

Offering: General Fund